Why Should You Hire a Wedding Planner

The Importance of a Wedding Planner: You Deserve It!


It’s a notion of the past to think that hiring a wedding planner is only available to those with unlimited budgets. Many are beginning to realize that hiring a wedding planner is imperative, invaluable even. Whether you’re newly engaged or completely overwhelmed midway, read along to see what a planner can do for you!

Gigi Mallatt Events Wedding Planner



A professional wedding planner will be able to guide you in building the vendor “dream team” that is the perfect match for your specific budget. With years of planning and design experience throughout Northern California, I’ve created relationships with other weddings professionals throughout the industry. I have an understanding of what their typical or standard investment would be, and this allows me to pick those professionals that match your budget right from the start. There is no time wasted with emailing or scheduling meetings only to find out that they are not a good fit. 

*Pro tip: Be realistic with setting a budget. Set your wants in order of priority and write it down, so you can see what is most important to you.

Gigi Mallatt Events Wedding Planner


Design Assistance

Having a wedding planner that also offers design assistance is what you want in your corner! The fact that your wedding planner knows the ins and outs, and the entire scope of your event from a logistical standpoint, having their guidance for the design and production of your event is great. Not only do they understand your vision for the event, but they are able to truly bring it to life by offering advice and recommending professionals who can only achieve the experience you want to provide!

*Pro tip: Remember that the design you want for your big day is much more than color palettes and napkin shades, it’s the experience that you want for yourself and to provide for your guests. 

Gigi Mallatt Events Wedding Planner


Stress-Free/Enjoyable Process

There is always going to be stress around a wedding, that is me simply me being realistic. However, having the assistance of a wedding planner can and will definitely alleviate a majority of the stressors. Planning a wedding is a full time job, and considering many couples are working full time, the time left to plan a wedding and maintain relationships with friends/family can begin to feel more like a task. Hiring a professional wedding planner will allow you to be the bride/groom and enjoy/live in the moment. You’ll get to watch your big day unfold, creating the memories you will cherish for a lifetime, all while your wedding planner is working behind the scenes to ensure your wedding day experience is as beautiful as you envisioned. 

*Pro tip: When hiring a professional wedding planner, be sure to understand fully and completely what tasks they are in charge of and what your responsibilities are. Never assume that they are going to handle EVERYTHING as that is never reality.


Save Time and Money

As a professional wedding planner and designer, I have an extensive database and knowledge base in this head of mine!  ☺ The advice and referrals that your professional wedding planner will provide you will all be with the bigger picture in mind. This, in turn, will save you money and time (the new for of money!). 

*Pro tip: Be sure to really connect with your professional wedding planner and don’t hire them solely based on investment. When you feel like they understand your vision and fully understand your design aesthetic, you’ll feel 100% comfortable with their referrals and advice. 


Having a professional wedding planner is something you deserve. Your wedding is an investment, and you should be able to enjoy the big day as bride and groom. Personally, I offer a wide arrange of services as this allows me to assist you no matter where you are in the planning process. If you’re planning in Northern California, I invite you to take a look at my website and get in touch if you feel me might be a good fit ☺


Cheers & Congrats!!

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