How To Set Your Wedding Budget

You said yes, you chose the date, hired your wedding planner, now let the fun begin! The first question you’re going to have to answer is “What’s your budget?” Don’t worry! We have some great tips on how to set your wedding budget and what questions to ask yourself (and your planner!) to keep you on track and checking off the important bullet points as you plan your big day.

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No Play Money!

The biggest tip for setting the financial limitations of your wedding is to look at your bank account. Whenever we hear a couple talk about future bonuses at work or gifts from relatives we urge them to rule it out. It’s great to have an influx of cash during the wedding planning process, but starting off with funds that are in limbo could lead to a major financial set back if it falls through. We say, no matter how much of a guarantee it could be, don’t include it in your initial calculations. Only base your budget on what you have in your bank account today and what your records show as your average savings for the past 6 months to a year. 


Prioritize Vendors

When making the budget, you have to decide what is going to be important to you when you start to book and make purchases. This will help you and your planner create a chart of how much percentage of your budget can go to each category. If your venue, food, and dress are most important, you’ll be mentally ready when you have to turn down a more expensive DJ or those must have linens. Once you divvy up up each dollar you’ll know exactly where to say yay or nay when someone shows you a price tag. This will also help your planner know who to make appointments with and who will break your bank. 


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Compromise and Transparency

Be honest with your partner from the get go! Budgets work the best if you and your significant other are on the same page for what you want, what you can live without, and what is going to make your day special. Go over every possible details from attire to gifts to entertainment. Know where you’re willing to sacrifice and where you want to invest. This is especially important if only one of you is doing most of the planning, and helps your wedding planner know how to shape the planning

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This first step can be a little overwhelming, but will set you up for wedding planning success. Your wallet will be happy and you’ll have a clearer view of where you want to begin and what you want to check off right away. If you’re unsure, your wedding planner will help you figure out your budget and priorities with a conversation and some laughs!


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