Choosing A Wedding Venue

Any wedding planner will recommend starting off on the when and where of your big day. Pinning down these details will set up a solid foundation to move forward with the rest of your planning. If you’re unsure of either, these are both topics that can be discussed in the first meeting with your planner, but can be considered with your fiancé at any point after your engagement. The date and venue often go hand in hand due to availability of your desired location, and budget friendly dates that will allow you to secure your dream spot with some flexibility.

Elks Tower, Sacramento
Charles Krug Winery, St Helena


The venue can often seem like the most daunting decision while planning because so much of the rest of your big day relies on it. Where you have your wedding determines your guest list capacity and availability of other vendors. Many venues will facilitate catering and bartending options, or limit choices for vendors such as big bands or entertainment. We have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful venues that offer packages and flexibility to make your dream wedding a reality!

Orchard Creek Lodge, Lincoln
Meadowood Napa Valley, St Helena


From the wedding planner perspective, we take care of all the tough questions, contracts, and fine print. Your job as the bride is to give us a list of attributes you are hoping to find, and we can set up the appointments. A walk through is crucial to choosing a venue because you want to feel out the vibe of the location from the bridal suite to the banquet hall. You also want to make sure you mesh well with the staff at the location, since they will likely be integrated into your big day as well. Preparing a checklist with your planner will keep everyone on the same page. Whether it be food, dance floor, a bar, on site lodging, an outdoor/indoor option, or any other items you feel you just cannot live without for your wedding, let’s jot it down. Then, we’ll square away the additional details such as capacity, parking, and the price tag.

Edgewood Tahoe, Lake Tahoe
Park Winters Inn, Winters


The venue for your wedding truly sets up every piece that is planned afterwards, so we encourage looking at several locations and comparing all that they offer with a checklist or spreadsheet. Once you say “Yes!” to your venue, the planning can truly begin!


Our Beautiful Venues:

1. Mischa Photography Venue: Elks Tower, Sacramento
2. Kate Anfinson Photography Venue: Charles Krug Winery, St Helena
3. Liz Zimbelman Photography Venue: Orchard Creek Lodge, Lincoln
4. Hannah Suh Photography Venue: Meadowood Napa Valley, St Helena
5. Teresa Klosterman Photography Venue: Edgewood Tahoe, Lake Tahoe
6. Esmeralda Franco Photography Venue: Park Winters Inn, Winters