Inspiring Florals (And How To Stay In Budget!)

We could deck the halls with flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors. If we did, our budgets would be drained in a matter of minutes! We love all the beautiful, fresh florals that are a tradition in weddings, but not so in love with the price tag. How do you know what flowers are in season and readily available? 

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In California, Summer/Fall is the season of Lavender, Lilies, Dahlias, Zinnias and Aster. Of course, that’s just naming a few, as the sun and climate allow for a variety of brightly colored florals and fresh foliage to embellish arrangements and centerpieces alike. Your wedding planner will be able to recommend a florist based on your location so you have the best selection. Don’t be afraid to ask their opinion on what pairs well. Be open about your budget and what your dream variety would be, then let them suggest similar options to achieve the desired look.

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If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, go with the colors in your theme. Your florist can work with you to pair contrasting and complimentary colors in your florals to bring out elements of your decor. You can juxtapose large and small centerpieces based on your table size. A single flower or succulent on each table is the perfect accent to larger arrangements throughout the venue. If you have banquet style seating, a runner of greens and candelabras work well without taking up too much space. You never want to max out your budget on florals but do incorporate organic elements in your decor!

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Wedding Professionals (in order of photo set):

Photography: Weddings by Scott and Dana | Florist: Violette Fleurs | Planning & Design: Gigi Mallatt Events

Photography/ Jenny Soi Photography | Florist/ Flower Girl Em | Planning & Design/ Gigi Mallatt Events

Photography/ Kristine Herman Photography | Florist/ Mignon Floral Co. | Planning & Design/ Gigi Mallatt Events

Photography/ Esmeralda Franco Photography | Florist/ Flower Girl Em | Planning & Design/ Gigi Mallatt Events 

Coordinating Your Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be loyally by your side to celebrate your nuptials on your big day. You want to make sure they know exactly what they need to be doing and what to wear when it comes down to your wedding!



Invite your girls for a day out to look at dresses. Even if you don’t expect all your bridesmaids to wear the same outfit, your opinion should help guide their way on what to choose. Making a day of it will bring the entire group together, especially if you have a mix of friends and family. We love the ombre trend, ask you girls to choose from the same color family but find a cut and fit that makes them feel comfortable and confident. Encourage your fiancé to do the same so everyone fits the same aesthetic. 



Make sure everyone knows where to go! At the rehearsal dinner or morning of the wedding, let everyone know where they will stand so there is no confusion. Also, be clear who will hold your bouquet, the rings, and anything else you’ll need to exchange during the ceremony.




Let the celebration begin! If you are inviting your bridal party to join in a dance, make sure everyone knows timing, position, and vibe of the song. That way, your wedding party will be prepared to jump on the dance floor and who they will be paired with, so no one is missing when it comes time to call them over!


Photography Credits:

Mischa PhotographyElisa Cicinelli Photography Liz Zimbelman Photography
Teresa K Photography

4 Ways To Add Greenery

Flowers are an elegant and bright touch to any wedding. From the bride’s bouquet to the arrangements in the venue, it is tradition to have an earthy element to your big day. We love Pantone’s Color of the Year Greenery, because it has given us some creative freedom to add more natural Greenery to our weddings!

1. Table Centerpieces are a great way to add greenery without going overboard. Take the leafy greens and tuck them together just right for a long runner on a banquet table. They won’t overpower the meal with any scent like a floral arrangement would and add a fresh touch.

Greenery Table Centerpieces

2. Succulents are trending right now and we absolutely love the whimsical touch they add. A single succulent is an easy and inexpensive accent on any table. They can be potted in just about anything so they fit in with any decor theme! Then, add them to your bouquet to tie them into the entire wedding!

Greenery in Wedding Decor
Greenery In Wedding Decor

3. That leads us to.. your bouquet! Greenery is always in season and can be incorporated into your bouquet for a fun twist on the traditional stack of flowers. As we predicted, 2018 will bring along some dreamy themes so the unexpected touch of greenery in the form of grasses, succulents, Bells of Ireland, and traditional accents create a lush arrangement.

4. Your archway is the focal point of your ceremony and deserves some embellishments! Choosing a simple arch and creating a canopy of greenery is a beautifully organic way to capture your “I do” moment without going overboard. Add some greens along with a hint of your florals for a budget friendly and gorgeous piece to capture the most important part of your wedding!


Wedding Professionals:

1,2: Photography: Samantha Kirk Photography | Planning + Design: Gigi Mallatt Events | Calligraphy + Invitations: Miranda Ellen Garcia | Florals: Violette Fleurs

3-5: Photography: Jenny Soi Photography | Planning + Design: Gigi Mallatt Events | Florals: Flower Girl Em | Invitation Suite: Vita Popov Studios

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58,9: Photography: Kristine Herman Photography | Planning + Design: Gigi Mallatt Events | Florals: Mignon Floral Co. | Invitation Suite: Shasta Bell Calligraphy | Cake: Batter Up Cakery | Dress: La Soie Bridal | Dress Designer: Miss Hayley Paige

5 Invitation Etiquette Tips You Need To Know

1. You don’t need a formal theme for your Save The Date.

As these initial mailings gain popularity, brides can often force a theme upon their wedding to send them out. Contrary to the formal nature of invitations, a Save The Date is meant to have two components: your names and date! Pull in a color or neutral image you know will be included in your wedding and leave it at that!

Wedding Invitations


2. Absolutely include the name of everyone on the envelope to avoid confusion.

Weddings can adhere to many different rules, so it’s important to include all invitees on the envelope. The rule of thumb is to replicate the same name list when sending out your follow up invitations with RSVPs. If you are inviting an entire family: The Smiths. If you are inviting roommates or a couple who live together, label each name on the envelope. 

Wedding Invitations


3. Be mindful of relationship status and plus ones. 

Avoid any awkward situations by being aware if your guest is currently involved, or even living with a significant other. Forgetting a plus one spot in this instance would cause tension. 


4. Include an RSVP by date.

Mail can easily be shuffled around. Make sure you are including when you need the RSVP back to finalize your guest list number and relay the information to your vendors for chair and table rentals, linens, and catering.


Wedding Invitations

5. Keep it simple.

Your invitation should be easy to navigate and respond to. Include your names, venue location, date, time, and dress attire. Include an RSVP card with Yes/No, meal optionsand plus one (if applicable) with a self addressed and stamped envelope. You want it to be as straightforward as possible to have them returned promptly!


Wedding Professionals:

1,3: Photography: Samantha Kirk Photography | Planning + Design: Gigi Mallatt Events | Calligraphy + Invitations: Miranda Ellen Garcia | Florals: Violette Fleurs

2,6: Photography: Jenny Soi Photography | Planning + Design: Gigi Mallatt Events | Florals: Flower Girl Em | Invitation Suite: Vita Popov Studios

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5,7,8: Photography: Kristine Herman Photography | Planning + Design: Gigi Mallatt Events | Florals: Mignon Floral Co. | Invitation Suite: Shasta Bell Calligraphy | Cake: Batter Up Cakery | Dress: La Soie Bridal | Dress Designer: Miss Hayley Paige